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Test Driving the New Vauxhall Mokka

Watch the All New Vauxhall Mokka having a test drive around Eastbourne.

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Suzuki’s Serious Attitude

Suzuki latest Special Edition Swift model. The Swift Attitude is based on the popular SZ3 model and offers a unique exterior design from its numerous styling upgrades. Swift Attitude offers good affordability and low running costs and is one of Read the full article...

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New Suzuki Swift Sport

Based Abroad Price Based in the UK Price Buckle up and get ready to hold on to your hats, the All-new Swift Sport is on its way and it wants to be driven by you! This long awaited and well loved Read the full article...

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Episode MMXVII – The Return of the Salesman

Currently in a car dealership, not too far away… A rebel salesman is calculating the best deal for his customer. During the battle of mathematics, he needs to search for the ultimate weapon, the CALCULATOR…   Happy Star Wars Day Read the full article...

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