Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for EMC Forces Cars discounts?

All serving members of HM Forces are eligible for our discounts whether stationed in the UK or on a posting abroad.Eligible personnel include –

  • Serving members of HM Forces, spouses and dependents
  • TA Members & Reservists
  • Diplomatic Personnel
  • Representative at an Embassy of foreign state
  • Representative of a Commonwealth country or High Commission
  • Employed at an International Organisation
  • Employed as an Honorary Consul based in the UK

New Car Questions

Where do I collect my new car from?

Unlike our competitors, we are a multi franchised dealer group so all handovers are done on our 3 acre site. You will receive a handover by one of our Manufacturer trained staff so that every facet of your new car is explained. We can also deliver your car to you in the UK at an extra cost!

Can I take delivery of my new car abroad?

If you are based in BFG (British Forces Germany) we have 9 car transporters travelling to Germany every week full of cars for our customers. This is a chargeable extra but is a good option if you have nothing to part exchange and are thinking about collecting from us in the UK. It is price comparative to booking a flight to the UK and a Ferry or Tunnel back to Germany, not to mention your valuable time! Be mindful though, if you have a part exchange you will need to re register this in the UK and so collecting from us is the obvious choice.

Can I collect a Tax-Free car before my overseas posting starts?

If you are posted overseas with tax free entitlement, you can purchase a new tax free car before your posting date starts. You must export the vehicle within 60 days of UK registration for countries inside the EU, or 6 months for countries outside of the EU. These are the rules for ‘New Means of Transport’ purchases. The vehicle must then be registered in your country of destination as specified on your VAT411 or VAT410 Customs & Excise forms. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with all elements of getting your paperwork completed correctly and are happy to fill the forms in for you.

We will email you the necessary forms with your order pack, so no need to worry about where to download the forms you need, it’s all taken care of for you.

Does a new Tax Free car come with a tax disc?

Yes. A new Tax Free car comes with a ‘New Means of Transport’ tax disc valid for 60 days if you’re exporting to a country in the EU, or 6 months for countries outside the EU.

What is the pink log book?

A pink log book is a vx302 Export Registration Document. It is the export equivalent of the V5 UK Registration Document and is a salmon colour, hence pink log book..

What is a CoC?

A CoC is a ‘Certificate of Conformity’. You need this form to register cars into the UK if they were purchased on the continent. These cars are called Parallel Imports and are perfectly acceptable as long as they have a CoC.


Used Car Questions

Can I buy a used car through EMC Forces Cars?

Yes. We usually have over 200 quality used cars in stock at any one time so we are very well placed to supply you a used car. In fact, we are the largest Forces & Diplomat dealer in the UK, supplying more cars to the Armed Forces & Diplomats than any of the various brokers which advertise in the market place. All our used cars come with a warranty, full mechanical inspection, MOT if required and much more.

How quickly can I collect a used car?

You can collect a used cars within a few days providing we can organise the paperwork with you. Everything is made very ease with EMC Forces Cars as long as we both have good communication.


Part Exchange Questions

Can I part exchange my current vehicle?

Absolutely. We are happy to take anything in part exchange no matter what you have. Because we are the longest serving UK based Forces & Diplomatic Dealer, we have a massive network of used car buyers which we use to buy your car if we don’t want to keep it here in our own used car stock.

Have I got to leave my tax disc on my part exchange on handover?

All part exchange vehicles must have a valid UK V5 document or tax disc. If you are re-registering your car with the DVLA before you collect your new car, your V5 registration document will take a few weeks to come through to us in the post. Because of this the tax disc must be left with the vehicle so that we can sell it on to either a trader or a new customer. If we have no tax disc or V5 document, we won’t be able to take the car!

Can I register my part exchange at any DVLA registration office in the UK?

If your car is currently registered in another country, you will need to register your part exchange at a UK DVLA office. We recommend Maidstone or Brighton, which are close to our premises but you can use any office which offers an over the counter service. The reason for this is you need to obtain a 6 month tax disc in order to part exchange the vehicle. Please see question above. Not all DVLA offices offer this service, to find out which ones do, please call 0300 790 6802.

Will you settle my part exchange finance?

If your vehicle has outstanding finance on it, we will settle the agreement so that nothing is outstanding against that vehicle and you can then start a new agreement on the new car.

I want to sell my car without buying a new one. Can you help?

We are always looking for used car stock so all you need to do is contact us and we’ll take all the details over the phone and give you a competitive price to buy your car.


Finance Questions

Can I get finance on a new car?

We work with selected finance companies who specialise in serving our Armed Forces & Diplomats. You can complete our online application form or simply call us on +44 (0) 1323 739675

What interest rate can I get?

At EMC we have secured the lowest interest rates available. The interest rate depends on your credit rating but largely our customers find our rates to be very low.


Insurance Questions

What details do I need to insure my car?

You should be able to obtain insurance using the chassis number for the vehicle and we are usually able to give you a registration number around 1 week before your collection date.