Meet the Team

Mark Lambird
Managing Director

Mark Lambird joined the business in 1984, originally worked in Fleet and Leasing sales before becoming Retail Sales Director in 1991 and becoming the group MD in 1993.

During that time has worked with several manufacturers including Vauxhall, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Nissan as Retail Operator or Sales Manager.

Mark founded EMC Forces cars (EMC Tax Free) in 1996. Mark has extensive experience dealing with the military, he served in 2 Para before joining the business in 1984 and was also Managing Director of NAAFI car sales in the UK for 3 years from 2007.

Oliver Taylor
Phil Mulvey
Specialist Sales Consultant
Oliver Hodges
Sales Director

Ollie Hodges has worked for EMC Group for over 20 years within our retail franchises, as well our military & specialist sales departments.

Having built strong relationships with our primary manufacturers, Vauxhall and Suzuki whom we represent as main UK dealers, although Ollie primarily runs our new Suzuki retail franchise he is also closely involved in the military and specialist sales department as the business is of real interest to him. Over the years, Ollie has also spent quite a bit of time over in BFG Germany working with our partners, NAAFI Car sales who represent us for new Vauxhall, Suzuki and Mitsubishi tax free sales, as well as offering our large selection of over 900 x used cars of all makes.

Jake Taylor
Specialist Sales Consultant

Personal & Direct Export / Tax-free / Military / Visiting Forces / Diplomatic sales

Jake has always had a real interest in cars, he started his automotive career at EMC at the age of 16, working through his college holidays etc in our valeting department.
Over the years he has then progressed through our retail sales and specialist sales departments, with a very impressive customer base, due to regular repeat business and referrals from his happy customers.

As Jake has worked with us since leaving college he has a great understanding of dealing with our military, export and Diplomatic customers, as well as the complex paperwork and processes involved with some specialist sales. Jake is very focused on offering the best all round deal and service for his customers, making sure all of our UK Armed Forces members and tax-free customers really benefit from the huge discounts they are entitled to.

Gail Taylor
Customer Service Manager & Marketing

Gail has worked at EMC for over 22 years ensuring that our team provide the highest levels of customer service to retain loyal custom and encourage recommendations to attract new business for our Forces Cars, Vauxhall, Suzuki, used car and service departments. She also enjoys the challenges of marketing our fantastic offers and discounts via a multitude of media.

Gemma Edwards
IT Manager & Marketing

Gemma has work at EMC for over 12 years. She has built several of our websites over the years and manages all aspects of our IT and email marketing.

Lynsey Moore
BDC Adviser
Donna Meredith
BDC Adviser