Mitsubishi UK Diplomatic Car Sales


EMC Forces Cars officially represents Mitsubishi Motors UK for all Diplomatic Car Sales. We have dedicated Diplomatic Mitsubishi Sales specialists who are fully aware of the rules & regulations concerning the Diplomatic sales process and will help guide you through the various models and discounts available to our Diplomatic customers.

Purchasing a new Mitsubishi under the Diplomatic Scheme is quick and easy with EMC Forces Cars. We have access to thousands of vehicles which are ready and waiting in the UK so there is rarely a need to wait months for your new car. Please note – any new Mitsubishi vehicles supplied to customers based outside of Europe have no manufacturer warranty support.

Our services & savings

We offer preferential Diplomatic prices in the form of Tax & Duty Free savings plus a substantial factory discount on most UK Right Hand Drive Mitsubishi models which equates to huge savings over the UK Retail Price. 

Who is eligible?

EMC Forces Cars is very pleased to offer you our services to Diplomatic Passport holders.

The Mitsubishi Diplomatic and Tax Free Sales Programme is exclusively available to members of Embassies, accredited diplomats and official members of recognised International Organisations.

To qualify for the Mitsubishi Diplomatic Sales Programme, documentation must be produced confirming you are representing your country abroad for at least one year and the relevant Customs form must be approved by your office and the FCO to confirm your status.

All questions of entitlement should be directed to the FCO on 0207 008 1011

How to order

Simply leave your details by following the contact us link below or call on 01323 745330 and ask for the Mitsubishi Diplomatic Sales department. We will help you select a vehicle and once your deposit is paid we will prepare your vehicle for collection, delivery or shipping.

Delivery to you

We can offer delivery to all parts of the UK and worldwide shipping if required. Duty Free vehicles are delivered directly to you from Mitsubishi UK, Portbury.

We look forward to your enquiry and to helping you with your new Mitsubishi purchase.

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