Left Hand Drive

All our Left Hand Drive Ford & Vauxhall (OPEL) prices are Tax Free. Usually you are expected to pay the VAT in the Country of your destination although upon request we are able to register Left Hand Drive cars in the UK and tax paid if you wish. There are huge savings of up to 25% on new Vauxhall (Opel) Left Hand Drive & Ford Left Hand Drive models and all vehicles are built as close as possible to UK specification in Left Hand Drive form with the Speedometers in KM’s and left hand drive lights fitted making them ready for use anywhere in Europe. All cars are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity (COC) which is required for the vehicle registration in the country of destination and we will supply these vehicles using Customs & Excise VAT410 & VAT411 forms for personal export registration purposes.

We will be pleased to assist you by providing a new Left Hand Drive Ford or Vauxhall (OPEL) car quote, transport or shipping costs. Simply click on the Contact Us Now button to email us with a specific request.

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